07 Ocak 2008

Antonio Sánchez’s guitars

CONCERT, S.A. was created in 1984 in Valencia by the Spanish Luthier Antonio Sánchez after lots of years of acquired experience in different factories from the same sector to which it belonged.

During the almost twenty years of the factory existence, Antonio Sánchez has dedicated to study and try to improve the stetic and sonorous instrument quality. This study and the investigation with different materials and bracing designs has led to a well-known and admired Antonio Sánchez’s guitars as a result in all around the world.

The continuous improvement of the instrument is the main concern for the guitar factory. Mr. Sánchez does a personal selection of different woods as well as the natural drying process which can last more than one year. Of course, he also makes the supervision of all the production process of the studio models as well as the personal construction of the most prestigious models too.

The workshop is situated in Paterna city and it has a staff of twenty craftsmen who accumulate long experience in the guitar manufacture. With around ten thousand units a year capacity of production it has been easy for them to maintain the most pure craftmanship tradition joined to a technology innovation to obtain an instrument of excelents technics, stetic and sonorous characteristics.


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