03 Mart 2009

Nel cor più non mi sento / eşLik / aryantik- arya - arie antiche

Giovanni Paisiello: Nel cor più non mi sento,
from the opera La Molinara (1790)

Version edited (actually arranged and modified)
by Alessandro Parisotti, and published
in his volumes of Arie antiche (1890)

Performed by my dear Eser (civileso on YouTube)

One night in November 2007, when she was still living in the US, Eser recorded this aria and two others for me, singing "sotto voce". She only had a webcam with a very bad integrated microphone to record her voice. The resulting sound has the charm of an old LP that one has listened to at least one hundred times...

Painting: A mill at Charenton, by François Boucher

Nel cor più non mi sento
brillar la gioventù;
cagion del mio tormento,
amor, ci hai colpa tu.
Mi pizzichi, mi stuzzichi,
mi pungichi, mi mastichi;
che cosa è questo, ahimè?...
Pietà, pietà, pietà,
amore è un certo che,
che disperar mi fa.


In my heart I no longer feel
the sparkle of youth;
the cause of my torment,
love, the blame is yours.
You pinch me, you poke me,
you prick me, you nip at me;
what thing is this, alas?...
Pity, pity, pity,
love is a certain thing,
that despairs me.


Paisiello - Nel cor piu non mi sento - Cecilia Bartoli ( bu kadının sesine/yorumuna bayıLıyorum )

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